We believe that most of those that travel these days to Cuba are looking for a close contact with our beautiful nature, our beaches, our culture, our music, and more importantly: our people. So the best way to stay in direct contact with the Cubans, our hospitality, get to know the way we live, the way we are, the way we face everyday's troubles with a smile, is living among us. This applies to those interested in renting a private accommodation sharing common areas with the Cuban families.


Houses with family are houses with the presence of the Cuban family that owns the house. Usually they're big flats or houses in which some rooms are rented to tourists, with private or shared bathroom between the bedrooms (but different from the one used by the family); the presence of the Cuban family will ensure preparation of meals (if requested), house cleaning (of the whole house, including rooms for tourists), more safety and the possibility of exchanging ideas and opinions with the cubans and to share their life-style for a few days; maybe the better way to descover the real Cuba.


About independent houses, it is useful to know that they may be occupied totally - exclusive use - or shared with other tourists. The Cuban family will not live in the house and will provide house cleaning and meal preparation - if agreed locally.

CaseCuba.com will still publish some independent and semi-independent options, classified as FULL PRIVACY houses; in this case, the house must be intended as a part of the Cuban family's house with independent entrance, independent bathrooms, bedrooms and kithcen (if any), but within the flat or the house of the Cuban Family.

All typologies include clean towels and linen; food (dinner, lunch, breakfast, sandwiches, etc.) are on-request, with prices agreed locally with the houses's owner. Ususally brekfast costs between 3 and 7 CUC, while a meal can cost between 7 CUC - chicken main course - and 25 CUC - lobster main course.

The reservation of a Casa Particular includes linen and towels; breakfast and meals are not included, apart from a few cases highlited on the house-list, for which brekfast is included.

Breakfast - unless stated in the house-list - and meals are not included. You can arrange the price directly with the house owners, according to the menu.



Casas Particulares are the first forms of private management of the tourism business in Cuba, similar to Bed & Breakfast; but breakfast is not included, apart from few cases, as shown on the house list. Owners pay high rate taxes, regardless if the room is occupied by the tourist or not, so if you book a casa through us and you cancel your travel or change destination, please email-us. You will give the owner the chance to host another tourist.


Start your casa-search:


CaseCuba, 10 years on the web now, can list casas on all Cuban Island, both in the most famous destination - like Habana, Santiago & Trinidad - and in the destionation "off the beaten track", like Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Baracoa, Camaguey, Vinales and others.

You can book a single room or a whole house, one house or post a multiple booking request for all the destinations you will reach during your journey, in case you have a pre-fixed itinerary.



Full flexibility for your lodging, but remember that almost all rooms are for two people – either 1 king-size bed or 2 single beds – so if you’re traveling alone you will pay full price anyway in order to sleep in one of our houses.

And be sure that an accommodation in a Casa Particular is a lot more better than a hotel bedroom.



All houses published on this site are legal and authorized by the Cuban State; you can leave the address at the Custom control (it will be required). It is not possible to finalize commercial transactions with Cuba, so the reservation is made on the reciprocal trust by the two parties. You will pay locally the house owner, only in CUC (pesos Cubanos Convertibles) cash. If the house you have chosen is no longer available or already booked, another house will be offered in the same zone.


If you whish to book a Casa:
1) Search your Casa through casa-search-engine or map
2) Click on BOOK, fill the on-line "booking request" and send it
3) You'll receive an eMail about house avilability and its price for the chosen house
4) If our proposal does not satisfies your needs, confirm it by replying to our eMail
5) We'll send you a confirmation with full house details

For Habana is now available on CaseCuba.com a welcome service at the airport; the service is managed by CUBANASERVICE agency. For prices and service detail visit CUBANASERVICE site or our detail page.

In Varadero, reservation can be made only by a Cuban citizen that is required to lodge in the house with you; name of the cuban citizen is required upon reservation form completion.

No credit-card forms, no pre-payment, but please remember: the family's waiting for you and counts on your arrival, so be nice: if you change idea or if you cannot reach - for any reason - the house you reserved, LET US KNOW, por favor!!